Sleeping Pill Side Effects – Sleepwalking, Memory Loss, Hallucinations and More

Are you curious to know what the main side effects of Ambien sleeping pills are? If so, e-nail you’ve come to the right place because I have some important information to share with you.

My research team has conducted quartzbanger first-hand and independent research by scouring through dozens of online message boards and collecting data from over 350 users of Ambien.

One of the things that immediately jumped out when conducting our research is that most people who are considering taking Ambien or even those who are on Ambien are not aware of the downsides of the drug.

In other words, yuh-code they are often largely ignorant of what they are getting into. What’s worse is that the doctors who prescribe Ambien seem to often be just as uninformed as the patient in regard to the side effects.

About half of Ambien users included in our research indicated that they experience side effects. The most common side effect or downside of the drug is sleep acting. This is broader and more bizarre than simple sleepwalking and can include sleep talking, sleep cooking, sleep cleaning, sleep driving, sleep swearing saloton, sleep sex, sleep emailing, sleep phoning, etc.

Ambien users also report having little or no memory of sleep acting. They are often informed about their actions the next day, admixtureconcrete usually by family members. And oftentimes the actions that the Ambien user took while under the drug’s influence are extremely embarrassing.







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