What is a Web Directory?

In today’s world, Internet marketing is one of the best ways for you to be able to promote your business. This is why you should always be aware of the different tools that you can use in online marketing, Directoryscape and one of these is a web directory.

If you have a website, then a web directory is the simplest and best way for you to get relevant and one-way links for it. A web directory is actually Primewebdir a website that has been specially developed to provide links to other websites on the Internet. The most vital thing to remember about a web directory is that the featured listing or free listing of websites is done by categories. There are various categories and sub-categories by which websites could be listed. A website is categorized based on the services or products it sells as well as its content.

Web Directory, types of

There are several kinds of web directories. Below are just a few of them: ilweb


  • General Web Directory. This type of directory features free listing Bsocialtoday as well as featured listing of all kinds of websites. It is comprised of a lot of categories and sub-categories where web listings can fall under. DMOZ is a perfect example of a general directory. This site will let you access different types of websites. Here, you can find such websites that deal with finance, travel, business, and technology, among many others. This general directory makes use of the World Wide Web as its source and then proceeds to categorize and make its listings based on it.
  • Reciprocal Link Directory. A reciprocal link directory is the kind of directory that entails linking back to the website that has sent a request for inclusion. With this type of directory, Webdiamonds the link directory and the requesting website will be referring to each other.
  • Niche Web Directory. A web directory that limits itself to a specific type of industry is called a niche directory. A perfect example for this would be a directory that only accepts paid listing of any website with content, services, Directoryshine or products related to real estate. This then would be known as a real estate web directory. There are now quite a lot of niche directories that cater to all types of industries on the Internet. This is because this type of directory is used in gaining benefits from search engine optimization or SEO.
  • Bidding Web Directory. The listing criteria of bidding directories are what made them quite reputable these days. Based on its name, anyone can understand that bidding is required to be able to be listed in a bidding directory. The minimum amount for the bidding will be provided on a field right on the request page for inclusion. You will be able to gain a higher position in the directory if your bid is also higher than all the others. It is possible for you to be listed on the web directory’s home page if you were the one who got the highest bid.


Knowing these different types of web directories is very critical if you want to get a good ranking on search engine results through link popularity. Being listed under a web directory does not only heighten your link popularity, voteit but also speak volumes of the quality of your website. This is because all web directories available are generally edited by humans. A human-edited directory accepts a link request that is reviewed by humans instead of a program or an automated bot. A person reviewing the requests sent to a human-edited web directory does so by checking them against a number of pre-defined parameters as per the web directories submission policy. If your website meets all the requirements set in the submission guidelines, then your website will get listed in this directory.

The world of online marketing and Internet business might seem a complicated one. But learning the ropes and studying every nook and cranny of it carefully such as the intricacies of web directories always prove beneficial and profitable in the long run. For more info please visit sites here:-Snap-this.com







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